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Micah E. Clarke is a recording artist, psalmist, songwriter and creative mind. His purpose? To craft experiences that bring listeners into a space to be spiritually empowered, musically captivated, and truly enriched.


Born into a family called and gifted for music and ministry, Micah became aware of his purpose at a tender age. In a world filled with noise and chaos, Micah acts as a diffuser, reminding listeners of the hope and peace still found in Christ. Going through life, his experiences allow him to deliver with passion and intention.


Being raised in Miami and currently residing in New York City, places both known for their diversity, this blend of sounds and genres serves as inspiration for both his music and singing style. With a vocal ability that has been compared to that of Tevin Campbell, Bryan Andrew Wilson, and B. Slade (aka Tonex), it’s not uncommon to hear Micah blend gospel and its message with the sounds of Neo-Soul, Acoustic, Jazz, R&B, and Pop.  But don’t let his aerated vocals fool you, Micah’s ability to build and drive powerful ballads, foundational hymns, and other traditional styles of Gospel showcases his understanding of and comfort being at the crossroads of music and ministry. 

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Micah E. Clarke



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